Past Activities

Past educational activities of MSNACC (updated on 15 March 2023)

Virtual 5th Neuroanaesthesia Symposium 2021
Date: 3-4 July 2021 - website

Inaugural virtual Neurocritical Care Conference 2022
Date:1-3 July 2022 - website

Webinars in Neuroanaesthesiology (WiN) 2021, 2022 and 2023 series
No Date Topic Presenter
1 24 April 2021 (Neurovascular Anaesthesia) Anaesthesia for extracranial-intracranial bypass surgery Professor Dr Girija Prasad Rath (All India Institute of Medical Sciences, India)
Anaesthetic management for clipping of cerebral aneurysms– an update Dr Chong Shang Yee (Tan Tock Seng Hospital, Singapore)
Cerebral oedema and haemorrhage post arteriovenous malformation obliteration Dr Leong Kok Weng (Kuala Lumpur Hospital, Malaysia)
2 19 June 2021 (Paediatric Neuroanaesthesia) Tranexamic acid in paediatric neurosurgical procedures Dr Audrey Tan (St George’s Hospital, UK)
Wake up safe and protecting the young brain Dr Rebecca Campbell (St George’s Hospital, UK)
Fluid management in paediatric neurosurgery Dr Sophie Childs (St George’s Hospital, UK)
3 23 October 2021 (Perioperative neuroprotection) Physiological and pharmacological neuroprotection in normal and injured brain Dr Douglas Campbell (Auckland City Hospital, New Zealand)
Barbiturate burst suppression therapy- benefits and complications Associate Professor Dr Wan Mohd Nazaruddin Wan Hassan (Hospital University Sains Malaysia)
What else is there to say about depth of anaesthesia and outcome? Dr Saana Taylor (Auckland City Hospital, New Zealand)
4 26 February 2022 Perioperative blood transfusion strategies in neurosurgical patients Professor Dr M. Radhakrishnan (NIMHANS, India)
Overview of international neuroanaesthesia fellowship accreditation Professor Dr W Andrew Kofke (University of Pennsylvania, USA)
Advances in anaesthesia for stroke thrombectomy Dr David T. Highton (Princess Alexandra Hospital, Australia)
5 22 October 2022 Intracranial haemorrhage in LVAD patients Dr Abbas Al-Qamari (Northwestern University, USA)
Neuroanaesthetic emergency- aneurysm rupture in neuro-interventional radiology Dr Jamie L Uejima (Northwestern University, USA)
Autonomic dysreflexia Dr Amanda Knutson (Northwestern University, USA)
6 4 March 2023 Anaesthetics and brain cancer outcomes Dr Tumul Chowdhury (Toronto Western Hospital, Canada)
Induced hypotension for cerebral aneurysm surgery Dr Adele Budiansky (Ottawa Hospital, Canada)
Perioperative burst suppression- benefits and harms Dr Kan Ma (St. Michael's Hospital, Canada)